Daniel Sajet

Leading Aircraftman, 1 E.F.T.S.
Service number 1149994
Died 17 Jun 1941
Commemorated at Golders Green Crematorium. His ashes were repatriated to the Netherlands
Age 21

Daniel (Daan) was born on 10 February 1920 in Hilversum, Netherlands to Dutchman Benedictus and Russian born Haia Raismann and had two older brothers Herman and Jacob. Their mother died in 1934 and their father remarried two years later to Dorothea who helped raise the boys. Daniel attended the Montessori school in Amsterdam and a plaque has been placed in the school in his honour. Their father was a physician and a member of the Amsterdam council who was fired from his medical practice for being Jewish in 1940.

In August 1940 Daniel and his friend Bruin Tammes sailed from Veere, Netherlands and headed to Britain. They were rescued by a British ship and arrived in Harwich on 3 August. Daniel then enlisted in the RAF.

In June 1941, when the anti-Jewish measures were becoming more severe, Ben and his other two sons managed to escape to England with the hope of bringing their wives later. The three Sajets reached England to find Daniel had been killed and Jacob whose son Daan was born in 1941, was tragically killed in a car accident 1942. His son Daan was hidden in the Netherlands and raised by Dorothea. Jacob’s wife Jetty was murdered in Auschwitz in 1943 and Herman’s wife and child Maria and Karien died in 1944 in Auschwitz.

Daniel was undertaking training as a solo pilot in Tiger Moth T5834 from RAF Hatfield when the aircraft stalled in a climbing turn and crashed near the airfield. He died from his injuries the next day.

Courtesy The Sajet Family