Asrielis Blumbergas

Navigator, 75 OTU
Service number 774962
Died 16 Mar 1945
Buried Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Age unknown

Asrielis, also known as Azriel Blumberg, is listed as a Palestinian local enlistment. He was the navigator in aircraft Baltimore V – FW754. The aircraft dove into the ground near Kasfareet, Egypt after both engines failed.

All four crew were killed:
Pilot, Hartley Derek Roper
Air Gunner, James Lawson
Flying Officer Angus Edwin Brechin, RAAF

An article in the Jewish Chronicle states: He was a navigator of a bomber in the M.E.F. The sergeant, who was one of the first Palestinian youths to become a flyer, was bought to Palestine by the Youth Aliyah and underwent Hachshara at Ramat David. He joined up in mid 1940 and had seen much service in many countries.