Mayer Henry Richard Namias

Pilot, 226 Squadron
Service number 64318
Died 20 September 1941
Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial
Age 20

Mayer was born in October 1921 in Wandsworth to Greek born parents Lea and Mathilda née Diaz. Mayer’s father Lea was the manager of Argonaut Marine Insurance Company. Mayer attended Westminster School where he was a member of the rowing team.

Mayer was the pilot of Blenheim Z7310 which departed RAF Wattisham on a daylight anti-shipping patrol. The aircraft was hit by flak in the starboard engine while running in for an attack on a convoy, crashing into the sea. Mayer’s body was never found and his other two crew members, observer, Kenneth Fredrick Hood and wireless operator, John Joseph Robson are buried in Rotterdam (Crooswijk) Cemetery.