Reuben Ginsberg

Navigator, 1658 HCU
Service number 1391642
Died 26 November 1943
Buried Willesden Jewish Cemetery, London
Age 22

Headstone Inscription

Reuben was born on 28 August 1920 in Bethnal Green the son of Russian born parents Max and Rosa née Zachin. Reuben’s father Max was a cabinet maker and died in 1926 when Reuben was six years old. Reuben had two sisters named Kitty and Hetty.

Reuben was the navigator of Halifax DT490 which took off from RAF Riccall on a training exercise. The aircraft was flying near Pickering and was seen to dive twice and recover from the dives. For some reason the starboard engine broke off the aircraft causing it to go into a near vertical dive and crash two miles west of Pickering, on Aislaby Carr at 19.55hrs.

The crew of seven were killed.
Pilot, Sgt Thomas Eric Jones, 1483420, aged 22
Nav, Sgt Robert Fletcher, 1322503, aged 22
F/E, Sgt Leslie Lee, 1623490, aged 20
Nav, Sgt Reuben Ginsberg,
W/Op, A/G, Sgt Leslie Seaborn Jenkins, 1600405, aged 33
A/G, Sgt Frank Septimus Quine, 1113656, aged 29
A/G, Sgt John Francis Megranahan, 1819478, aged 19. Served as Megran.