Gerald Coleman

Pilot, 462 (Australian) Squadron
Service number 178780
Died 9 October 1944
Buried Reichwald Forest War Cemetery, Germany
Age 24

Gerald was born on 28 February 1920 to Alfred and Elizabeth née Leven and he had two younger brothers, Bernard and Anthony. Their father Alfred was a licensed victualler in Worthing.

Personal items which previously belonged to F/O Gerald Coleman, a framed photo, a book of poetry, and Prayer Shawl (Tallit) all are now located at the AJEX Museum, London.
The items were handed to the Romford Rabbi at a funeral service earlier in 2018. In June 2018, they were passed on to Martin Sugarman, Archivist and Researcher at AJEX. However, nothing is known about who handed them to the Rabbi, nor where these items have been for the last 74 years. Due to their very personal nature, the caretaker must have been a close friend, or perhaps family, or had a close connection with the family. However, Gerald’s brother Bernard was unable to shed any light on the mystery. If you were the caretaker, or if you can assist with further information, please contact us or Martin via the AJEX Museum.

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