Edward Bashi

Navigator, 100 Squadron
Service number 151158
Died 28 April 1944
Buried They-Sous-Montfort Churchyard, Lorraine, France
Age 26

Headstone Inscription

Edward was the son of Abraham A. and Habiba A. Bashi, of Baghdad, Iraq. Further details are unknown to date.

Edward was the navigator of Lancaster DV192 which took off from RAF Grimsby on a night operation to Friedrichshafen. The aircraft was attacked by a Ju88 and the crew were ordered to bail out by the pilot. The W/Op Norman Thom escaped before the aircraft exploded and crashed at They-sous-Montford in the Vosges region of France. Norman had just donned his parachute when the Lancaster went into a dive and began spinning. The aircraft exploded and he was blown away clear. After landing, he was captured by the Germans near Vittel. His captors took him to the crash site where he found the six bodies of his crewmates. He was interrogated in Vittel, then taken by train to Germany, but he escaped from a cell in Nancy on the night of the 30th, and made his way to Switzerland, where he arrived on 11th May. He left Switzerland about 12th August into occupied France, and managed to reach Algeria with the help of the French resistance and then returned to England.